The Quartermaster

Scout Groups need equipment to run an exciting programme of activities for their young people. Equipment costs money, and each item will represent a good deal of hard work in fundraising.

It follows, therefore, that everybody in the Group needs to look after the equipment.

The care and control of the equipment could be the responsibility of a Group Supporter who has taken on the responsibility of Quartermaster.

The Quartermaster should work closely with the adults in the Group and also with the Group Treasurer, who is responsible for the inventory and insurance of the equipment. Having someone to deal with the day-to-day upkeep, repair and booking in and out of equipment will really help to ensure equipment is looked after and available for use when needed.

The key elements of the role could be to:

  • Operate the booking arrangements for equipment
  • Control the issue and return of equipment
  • Check the condition of equipment
  • Maintain the equipment
  • Give advice about the need for refurbishment or replacement of equipment
  • Advise the Group Treasurer of the need to modify the inventory.

It is a role that requires a good deal of patience and flexibility. Remember that the equipment is there to be used; working with the leader team will help make sure this happens.

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