About Us

The 58th Scout Group

The 58th Bristol Scout Group has a Beaver Colony (for young people age 6 to 8), a Cub Scout Pack (8 to 10½) and a Scout Troop (10½ to 14). After leaving the Troop, Scouts can progress to the Explorer Scouts (14-18) and the Scout Network (18-25)

The 58th Bristol Scout Group is run by the Group Scout Leader, and a team of Leaders for each section.

Complementing the work of the Leaders in running the sections is the Group Executive Committee under the direction of the Group Chairperson. This Committee, made up of parents, leaders and supporters of the Group, is responsible for raising funds, supporting the Leaders and maintaining the Group’s Headquarters and its property.

The Executive Committee arranges a number of fund raising activities throughout the year, the majority of which are also enjoyable social events. Please give them your support.

The Executive Committee is elected annually at the Group Annual General Meeting. If you would like to take a more active part in fund raising, become a Committee member or help out in any other way please speak to any Leader or to the Group Chairperson.


The current leadership of the 58th is:

  • Group Scout Leader – Simon Peck
  • Assistant Group Scout Leader – Rob Miles
  • Scout Leader – Tim Gibbard
  • Cub Scout Leader – Paul Sinclair (Clive)
  • Beaver Scout Leader – Sarah Rosser
  • Group Chairperson – Emma Gibbard
  • Group Treasurer – Alan Otieno
  • Group Secretary – Fiona Burrow